PIXELearning’s – Chris Chadwick

The Lead Artist
(written with biased views, big-headedness
& historical inaccuracies throughout)

Good morrow weary traveller. Sit and warm your bones by the fire. Let me tell you a story of old, the story of the lead artist. Our tale begins in the small town of Accrington where Chris was raised.

Accrington Stanley.”
“Who are they?!”

One warm summers eve our hero stumbled across a magical elixir. It was said that he who drinks from the cup would become clear of mind and have great wisdom, far beyond their years*. While homing his skills on an old alter of Megadrive, our hero, a rather inebriated fat lad, lays down his beer. Stops talking toot with his mates. And decides to pursue his true calling. Computer games.

The year was 2005-ish and following his epiphany a stick and bundle was tied holding the necessities; a six pack, clean underwear and a tooth brush. He kissed his Mother goodbye and set off down the long and winding road which lead to university. A dusty and dangerous road said to be filled with thieves, men at arms and boilers of bunnies.

The old market town of Huddersfield was the destination, where training would be lengthy and strenuous, requiring many a late night and ample student loan for things such as pencils and grog. Luckily for our hero his time spent in local taverns had taught him well, the skills, that he would need for the difficult and messy journey which lay ahead.

Years of training past…

Studying montage. Every shot showing a little improvement, to show it all would take to long. Always fade out in a montage, if you fade out, it seems like more time has passed in a montage. **

Our hero’s training had paid off and he went on to work with some of the largest game companies in many different fields including console, advertising and social media. But never was there such a prestigious position as this, at the highly esteemed and world renowned office of PIXELearning. Where legend is told far and wide of his great achievements in the field of serious games. Some even say that his artwork has helped elevate even the dullest of teachings in a way that was engaging and fun for all who played. Huzzarh!

Now, this is merely a prologue. Cross my hand with silver and my lips with ale and I’ll gladly continue the tale of Chris The Great and his adventures at PIXEL.

“I’m the Lead artist here at PIXELearning, it’s an honour to work with such talented people and be a part of the most experienced serious games company in the UK.“ – Chris

*Carlsberg don’t do career advice but if they did, it’d probably be the best career advice in the world.
** Even Rocky had a montage – “Montage” Team America.

About Chopper
Chopper….or Helen Axe when she’s not at work holds a BA (Hons) in Communication Culture and Media from Coventry University. Leaving uni I discovered I had an interest in capturing memories through photos. If you would like any of the pictures - putting them onto canvas is an option.

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