PIXELearning’s Top Ten Birthday Lists

As some will know it’s our 10th Birthday today, don’t we feel old? It feels like yesterday that we in our strollers building our PIXEL cubes.

It’s been a great decade of working on some fantastic projects, designing epic games and working with great colleagues and customers…you know who you are.

So to celebrate we are sticking with the theme of 10 and so we decided to provide you with our very own top tens:

  • Top 10 Serious Games
  • Top 10 Blogs for Serious Games and Simulations
  • Our Top 10 Competitors in the industry
  • Our birthday Number 1 singles
  • Out Top 10 Twitterers

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PIXELearning’s – Chris Chadwick

The Lead Artist
(written with biased views, big-headedness
& historical inaccuracies throughout)

Good morrow weary traveller. Sit and warm your bones by the fire. Let me tell you a story of old, the story of the lead artist. Our tale begins in the small town of Accrington where Chris was raised.

Accrington Stanley.”
“Who are they?!”

One warm summers eve our hero stumbled across a magical elixir. It was said that he who drinks from the cup would become clear of mind and have great wisdom, far beyond their years*. While homing his skills on an old alter of Megadrive, our hero, a rather inebriated fat lad, lays down his beer. Stops talking toot with his mates. And decides to pursue his true calling. Computer games.

The year was 2005-ish and following his epiphany a stick and bundle was tied holding the necessities; a six pack, clean underwear and a tooth brush. He kissed his Mother goodbye and set off down the long and winding road which lead to university. A dusty and dangerous road said to be filled with thieves, men at arms and boilers of bunnies.

The old market town of Huddersfield was the destination, where training would be lengthy and strenuous, requiring many a late night and ample student loan for things such as pencils and grog. Luckily for our hero his time spent in local taverns had taught him well, the skills, that he would need for the difficult and messy journey which lay ahead.

Years of training past…

Studying montage. Every shot showing a little improvement, to show it all would take to long. Always fade out in a montage, if you fade out, it seems like more time has passed in a montage. **

Our hero’s training had paid off and he went on to work with some of the largest game companies in many different fields including console, advertising and social media. But never was there such a prestigious position as this, at the highly esteemed and world renowned office of PIXELearning. Where legend is told far and wide of his great achievements in the field of serious games. Some even say that his artwork has helped elevate even the dullest of teachings in a way that was engaging and fun for all who played. Huzzarh!

Now, this is merely a prologue. Cross my hand with silver and my lips with ale and I’ll gladly continue the tale of Chris The Great and his adventures at PIXEL.

“I’m the Lead artist here at PIXELearning, it’s an honour to work with such talented people and be a part of the most experienced serious games company in the UK.“ – Chris

*Carlsberg don’t do career advice but if they did, it’d probably be the best career advice in the world.
** Even Rocky had a montage – “Montage” Team America.

Meet the Team: Vicky Rose (Instructional Design Assistant)

Hello and welcome to my first EVER blog! Please be gentle with me as I’m new to this and have a lot to learn, but learning is what this year (and hopefully many years to come) is all about.

My journey to PIXELearning has had many twists and turns, has spanned the globe and the breadth of emotion, from dismal lows to euphoric highs.

The result of this winding road means that it’s tricky to know quite where to start but I’ll give it a shot! My need for creative outlet led me Read more of this post

Come see us at Learning Technologies 2012 stand 57

January 25-26th see’s PIXELearning and Intellego’s first event of the year and it’s gearing up to be one that’s not to be missed.

Learning Technologies is in its 13th year and is one of the leading conferences for learning and emerging technologies in Europe. With a growing number of attendees and exhibitors we have taken this opportunity to get our names and skills back out there in the world of workplace learning.

By attending the conference you will have the opportunity to attend a wide selection of free seminars one of which is being delivered by PIXELearning’s very own Helen Routledge and guest speaker Kate Smith, of Capella Associates. This seminar will look at using serious gaming for Six Sigma training.

When: Wednesday 25th January 2012 at 14.00

Where: Theatre 3

Overview: Our natural tendency when faced with a problem of any description is to try to solve it, leading to changes that either don’t solve the problem or that are not sustainable. Six Sigma helps avoid this by providing a method and a toolset to improve any process in any sector.

What better way is there to raise awareness and capability in Six Sigma to your organisation than by playing an on-line game that engages learners in an exciting case study, reinforces principles, stretches knowledge and provides feedback for CPD planning?

The mechanics and methodology behind the game will be reviewed as we explore this approach for learning and you will hear how this highly effective, low-cost solution for improving performance can be applied in your organisation.

PIXELearning will be at stand 57, showcasing demos and presentations of elearning, serious games and mobile apps.

Together we are building the next generation of digital learning and bring about a step-change in the way organisations and individuals learn, develop and improve.

It would be great to see you there, please drop by the stand for a chat or arrange to meet us there.

You can register to attend the event for free by clicking here: http://www.learningtechnologies.co.uk/register-now/

eLearning Innovation Seminar- The Presentations

As promised the presentations from, a very successful seminar if we do say so ourselves, are freely available.

The first presentation you see here is from Andy Hasoon, Director of Strategy for Intellego introduced the Read more of this post

Makrini™ needs your vote

Voting at Learning without Frontiers has now opened and we invite you all to vote…. (for Makrini of course).

Here at PIXELearning you may be under the impression that we are constantly talking about Makrini™ and you might be right. A product developed for Global Novations, a US provider of Diversity and Inclusion, Marketing and Talent optimization services, Makrini™ is a breakthrough approach to diversity and inclusion training, being the first-ever gaming simulation on the topic.

Being the first of its kind the species of Makrini™ are wanting to get noticed, hence its entry for Innovation Award at Learning without Frontiers.  For information about voting please see below.

Aimed at a wide corporate audience the simulation tasks the learner with a mission to a commercial space station where diversity and inclusion skills must be applied to interact productively with intergalactic associates, and to attain better business results than competitors.

It’s a learning simulation of self discovery based on the learners own preferences, decisions, critical thinking, opinions and beliefs.

The key learning objectives of Makrini™ are:

  • Increase personal diversity awareness and inclusive behaviors.
  • Increase understanding of the business impact of diversity
  • Recognize one’s own perceptions and biases that may limit inclusive behaviors
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to build solid business relationships across dimensions of diversity.


There are two ways to vote for Makrini™.

For the UK: Using the code [MAKRINI] cast your votes via SMS or Skype SMS* to 07950 080 667

For the USA: Using the code [MAKRINI] cast your votes via SMS or Skype SMS* to +44 7950 080 667

Multiple votes from the same number for the same finalist will count as a single vote, so no funny business ok?

*Votes are charged at your standard network rate and votes the UK may attract an additional network charge. To make it fair each mobile vote from outside of the UK will count as 2 votes. If you’re outside the UK you may find it’s cheaper to use Skype.


INNOVATIONS : Worlds of Makrini, Global Novations, USA [MAKRINI]

Project Management Training: A new approach by Spencer Holmes

Good training as we all know can sometimes be hard to come by. That’s why when you do find an excellent trainer you want to hold on and really utilize their experience, knowledge  and skills. That is exactly what PIXELearning have done.

Spencer Holmes, MD of Global Project Leaders Ltd,  was approached as a subject matter expert by us so we could extract all the awesome supply chain management knowledge he had for a serious game we are creating. As a world class trainer Spencer has vast experience in many areas of training not to mention Project Management which has led to this particular blog post. With the help Spencer has given us we wanted to do something in return. Therefore we would like to share with you the first in an 7 part series of his Project Management Training: A New Approach article on Training Zone. You will find the link here. Registration is needed  to view the whole article (its free – you know you want to – the article certainly deserves a PIXEL Hi-5!)