Pick n’ Mix Learning

I’ve always said that games are not the silver bullet, they are not the solution to all your training needs, however they are an important piece of the puzzle. This ‘sweet’ little infographic from team PIXEL highlights how games are just part of the overall training ecosystem.


Assessment and Teaching of 21st-Century Skills (ATC21S) using Serious Games

The ATC21S project is a multi-stakeholder research project lead by the University of Melbourne and sponsored by Microsoft, Intel and Cisco. The project aims to use assessment as a foundation for change. To make effective changes at the classroom level it is important Read more of this post

Challenging Ourselves to Design and Build a Serious Game in under 8 hours!

We often hear about hackathons and codeathons, times when very talented people get together to really challenge themselves, but having never taken part in one myself,  I’ve always wondered how challenging it would be to put yourself in that situation. So I did, but from a design perspective.

PIXELearning recently attended our belated group Christmas Party, graciously hosted by DLM in London. As well as the company presentations about strategy and operations, team bonding Read more of this post

Is technology changing the way you educate students or the way you may learn as a student: The six trends identified by Horizon Report in Education.

The recently release NMC Horizon Report: 2012 Higher Education Edition looks at emerging technologies that will impact education through adapting the way in which education is delivered and received.

Categorised into time-to adoption – when they are expected to enter the classroom – these technologies will look to enhance learning experiences, engage the learner, introduce Read more of this post

Innovation In Learning; The Six Sigma Serious Game

For those of you who attended Learning Technologies 2012 and those who didn’t make it! Here is a copy of the presentation by myself and Kate Smith of Capella Associates. Enjoy 🙂

The 10 Best Schools for Serious Gamers

We’ve just come across this nice little list on the best schools for serious gamers. So for anyone looking for a college to attend and if you’re interested in serious game’s this list might be of interest!

Also noted are other schools that use serious games in their teaching practices. We would love to see this list expanded as we’re sure there are many institutions out there who use gaming techniques just waiting to be discovered!




Gloucester Language Immersion Centre

PIXELearning are delighted to announce that we have signed a contract to provide serious game and virtual world products to the Gloucester Language Immersion Centre (“GLIC”).

GLIC is a unique purpose built centre created specifically to teach languages through a “full immersion” technique, whereby pupils behave as though they are in a foreign country. The main target audiences for the centre are the local community, SME businesses and students between the ages of 14 – 19.

The initial roll-out will be for four languages; French, Spanish, Chinese and Russia, but there are plans to expand the offering to 11 languages, including rarely taught languages, such as Pashtu and Urdu. Pixel will be working in partnership with the Serious Games Institute (“SGI”) a world leading pioneer and innovator in the field of serious games and language training.

Andy Hasoon, CEO of Intellego said, “With hundreds of millions of people across the globe learning new languages at any one time this is a very exciting and a whole new market for Intellego to focus on. Importantly, serious games are the ideal tool to help people quickly grasp and retain a new language. The work being undertaken by GLIC cannot be underestimated and we are very pleased to be working closely alongside them.”

Tim Luft, Operations Director, of the Serious Games Institute, commented, “These new and highly effective training techniques provide a fundamental change to traditional teaching methods and are very well suited to learning a new language. All our courses are fully engaging and deeply interactive, allowing the student to remember more facts for a longer period of time.”