My Vision of the Future of Learning, by Mr. G

IF you have bothered to read the tedious blatherings of the other post writers on this blog, you will have the impression that PIXELearning herald Serious Games as an effective instructional method. Well I’m here to challenge that perspective.

I would like to put forward a case for rote learning, for concentrated, isolated hours spent buried in thick, dusty text books – and none of this practising what we’ve learnt nonsense! If we make learning this easy anyone will be able to learn, and then how will we have a decent, stratified society? How will I be able to take my rightful place as your leader?

One of the many problems with you 21st Century Earthlings is that you JUST DON’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP. You think you’re so clever, you go on making so called ‘scientific’ discoveries to make your lives easier but then what happens? You destroy your environment, you become obese, you depend on your silly inventions but you don’t think any of it through. SO why don’t you just accept your limitations – ignorance is bliss, is it not?

In summary, To anyone out there in charge of the learning and development budget, Don’t waste your money on these ridiculous games – whoever heard of playing GAMES while you’re at work?! Is that what you’re paying your staff for? VW247 They’re making a mockery of you. Don’t let them loose on any of this social networking rubbish – they’re not at work to chat.

Separate them (if you have solitary confinement cells all the better) – at best let them learn on their computers but don’t allow them any more interaction than a ‘next’ button or they’ll only waste more time. Don’t bother with any of this molly-coddling reinforcement or practice. If they’re too stupid to remember or put it into action, then they’re no good for the job – sack them.

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