Pass it on!

This month, PIXELearning will be celebrating our ten year anniversary, and we have the vision of the entrepreneurs who first set up our company to thank for eight people’s happy careers and the contribution that we, as a company and individuals can make to society.

 As a team we’re always keen to do what we can to spread the love!  So we’ve decided to Read more of this post

Understanding Games: Getting the most Bang for your Buck!

Hi! In a continuing effort to clarify some grey areas and demistify our practice and procedures, we’ve created a new infographic.  This one helps to give you a very high level view of some of the different Read more of this post

What the Gamification of Feedback Means to Learning Design – PDOA (Public Displays of Achievement)

Gamification has spread from marketing to learning and development, and at PIXELearning we’re often asked to design leader boards, badges and public rewards into the feedback mechanism of our Serious Games.

I felt it might be a good time to take a moment to check out the pros and cons of gamifying feedback.


So, before I go any further Read more of this post

Urgent Notification: The PIXELearning blog has been hacked! – Please ignore any posts from Mr. G

Dear friends and followers. It appears that somebody going by the name of ‘Mr. G’ has hacked our blog and written a post contesting the effectiveness of Serious Games. We at PIXELearning would like to make it clear that we do not share these views, quite the opposite. We will continue to make it our life’s work to prove Mr. G wrong and endeavour to make games that intrigue, engage and encourage mastery of new skills and knowledge.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on some of the creative instructional design solutions we’ve had the opportunity to evolve, and the lasting partnerships that we’ve made because our games really work.

Meet the Team: Vicky Rose (Instructional Design Assistant)

Hello and welcome to my first EVER blog! Please be gentle with me as I’m new to this and have a lot to learn, but learning is what this year (and hopefully many years to come) is all about.

My journey to PIXELearning has had many twists and turns, has spanned the globe and the breadth of emotion, from dismal lows to euphoric highs.

The result of this winding road means that it’s tricky to know quite where to start but I’ll give it a shot! My need for creative outlet led me Read more of this post