The Gaming Landscape

A critical component of my job is to be able to see my designs from another person’s point of view; someone who doesn’t play games and who doesn’t necessarily understand the rules and expected behaviours of games. It’s important I don’t fall into the trap of believing everyone see’s the world as I do. It’s also part of my job to explain games to non gamers and therefore promote the benefits of serious games. Often the first level of challenge I come across is a belief that a game is a game. Of course those of us in the industry know there are many genres of games, each with its own Read more of this post


We’re turning into attention junkies, looking for our next big hit.

We’re now well on the way to being blasé about the term gamification. It’s certainly grabbed peoples attention in a way the term Serious Game never did. I’m glad to see some more balanced discussions about the topic too but there’s still so much that concerns me and so I believe its important to continue the dialogue (beyond purely commercial motivations) and look at the psychology behind the idea. So I thought I’d re-post my response to a recent blog on the power of Gamification, feel free to continue the dialogue, but I certainly won’t be awarding you any points for doing so 😉

Gamification is something that fascinates and concerns me right now. As a psychologist Read more of this post