50 sheep, lots of caffeine and the number 68; some fun facts about PIXELearning!

What do 50 sheep, lots of caffeine and the number 68 have in common? Take a look at the infographic about PIXEL and find out!

Some fun facts about PIXELearning.


Pick n’ Mix Learning

I’ve always said that games are not the silver bullet, they are not the solution to all your training needs, however they are an important piece of the puzzle. This ‘sweet’ little infographic from team PIXEL highlights how games are just part of the overall training ecosystem.

Flash is dead! OK now get off the band wagon and calm down dear!

If I had a pound for every time someone had told me recently that Flash is dead, I’d take you all out for a pint and tell you about why Flash is far from 6 feet under. But so far, no one has been so generous; so I’ll have to make do and blog about it instead.

Now I’m not a techie and I’m not a coder, and I’m not a business woman, but Read more of this post

Top Trends from Learning Technologies 2012

Any trade show is always an eye opener, you can’t help it. You meet so many interesting people, see and hear so many different ideas and get extracted from your little bubble for a few precious moments. PIXELearning and Intellego recently held a stand at Learning Technologies 2012, PIXEL’s first trade show in a good couple of years, but as the show was drawing to a close we’re already making plans to be back next year!

With 2012 drawing a record breaking crowd for Learning Technologies, almost 7000 registered attendees visited interacted and engaged with 100’s of exhibitors,… Read more of this post