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This month, PIXELearning will be celebrating our ten year anniversary, and we have the vision of the entrepreneurs who first set up our company to thank for eight people’s happy careers and the contribution that we, as a company and individuals can make to society.

 As a team we’re always keen to do what we can to spread the love!  So we’ve decided to Read more of this post


50 sheep, lots of caffeine and the number 68; some fun facts about PIXELearning!

What do 50 sheep, lots of caffeine and the number 68 have in common? Take a look at the infographic about PIXEL and find out!

Some fun facts about PIXELearning.

“Learning what they learnt would have helped with a lot of lessons learned” PIXELearning 2010

If you overheard someone talking about private equity, net profit, direct costs, floatation and surplus, what judgments would you make about their job, and their skill sets? You would be forgiven for thinking that they work in the financial industry or at least studied finance. I’m afraid neither is true, these are just some of the terms flying around a group of thirty 13-14 year old students on Tuesday!

March 9th 2010 saw the final heat of The Enterprise Challenge, organised by Mosaic network, using PIXELearning’s The Business Game. Over the course of 3 months the challenge saw over 1000 students take part from across the UK. With four heats played, the six top teams were invited to London for the nail biting final.

An hour of game play saw frustration by some teams, a relaxed approach by others but a determination to win by all.

Giving young people the chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills and be mentored by experienced business men and women – the Apax Partners – Mosaic Enterprise Challenge saw students achieved virtual net profits of over £5.8 million by Handsworth Girls School (West Midlands) and £5.9 million by Small Heath School (West Midlands).

The winners were Manchester Academy with a staggering virtual net profit of £6.3 million.

Awarded by Evan Davis, presenter of Dragon’s Den, the winners won £3,000 for their school, a behind the scenes tour of the BBC news broadcasting room with Mishal Hussain, a meeting with the Chancellor of the Exchequer at Number 11 Downing Street, before a stop off at Apax offices for tea. For their final treat the winners were whisked off for a meeting with James Cann, well known from BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

If I’d know that was the prize I would have entered too!

PIXELearning would like to wish hearty congratulations to all teams who took part in the challenge! Over the past 3 months all the team members learnt an awful lot about business concepts and how to focus their attention to achieve their goals.

You never know perhaps we have inspired the next group of Dragons!

How Do You Use Yours?

With Easter nearly upon us and the obligatory crème egg adverts filling our TV screens and billboards everywhere, asking us how ‘do you eat yours?’ we thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss (in the context of serious games at least) How Do You Use Yours?

After writing a recent chapter relating to the use of educational games and how they have been used in classrooms across the UK, we got thinking about the many ways that games can be and are being used for training and learning.

Everyday it seems we hear about a new approach where an innovative trainer or teacher has embraced serious games and really made it there own. However, training is often divided into distinct silos, such as classroom, self study, or blended and within these areas it must be clear how a new training application will sit.

So how do serious games fit into all this? Where can they be used?

When designing serious games, one of the first requirements we try to understand is Read more of this post

Bundle Offer that could save YOU thousands

Serious Games enable learning in a truly innovative style. Through immersing learners in a real to life environment new skills can be learnt, old ones enhanced, strategic thinking achieved, improvement of confidence and the development of transferable skills. (All this from 1-2hrs of

Here at PIXELearning, we want to provide you with every opportunity to enjoy what you are learning and be able to afford what you would like to learn.

We may be too late for the January sales and too early for the spring sales so we are having a Pre Spring Offer’ on 3 of our games

For a bundle price of only £1200 (per year +VAT) you can receive an annual license to 3 of our serious games:

The Business GameGame Cycle

Introducing learners to general business concepts   (e.g. Marketing and Finance). This game can be used as a basic introduction into business or for GCSE Business courses and the IT Diploma.

The Enterprise Game

Designed to familiarize learners with a Marketing Officemore in-depth understanding of business concepts,  making learners aware of how different business silo’s affect each other as well as overall commercial success. Previously £2,500 pa

The Finance Game

Aimed at enhancing existing finance training, be that classroomOffice or eLearning-based. Learners ‘run’ a virtual mountain bike company which is in need of saving. Learners will gain valuable insight into key financial concepts such as ‘P&L’ and ‘ROCE’. Previously £2,500 pa

This represents a massive £4,300 saving against the standard list price for all three products.

Alternatively our games are available to purchase individually for £499 per year +VAT

Reasonable usage limits of 1,000 usages per game per customer apply.

To Order please contact us via Tel: +44 (0) 2476 236 971 or Email: