6 potential marketing techniques for Serious Games

You have an innovative product offering (Serious Games in this case) that you want to market effectively and in a way that truly expresses the endless possibilities of the products capabilities, the good old fashioned product literature is no longer enough on its own so what are your options?

Create a short teaser. Without actually playing the game, you can’t quite truly appreciate what you would be learning. Therefore creating a teaser version around 10mins could allow the learner to actual experience some of the game play and what the full version could offer in the way of learning.

Create a trailer video. A bit like a film trailer that really catches the viewer’s attention. Use as much of the game play and graphics as possible but make sure it’s short, sharp and snappy.

Use graphics for different marketing purposes. These graphics can be in emails, business portals or forums.

Create a competition. Serious Games have facts, figures, points, achievements and much more built into them so why not use these stats for something worthwhile. Create a competition, it could be anything from highest sales or highest market share or highest or in some cases the lowest points. Tailor it to your users needs.

An open day. Invite colleagues, students and friends to a product opening day where they can try Serious Games for free. This could be a great way to capture interest and physically show potential learners/buyers the benefits of serious games.

Don’t forget your social networking either. More and more social avenues are opening up from the most well know to the not so well know. But all in all any route gets the work out there it’s up to you to share it amongst as many channels as possible not just twitter or Facebook. Some further options are blogs (your own and others that share a common interest), serious games portals (recently discovered www.serious.gameclassification.com), forums, LinkedIn and many many more.

This is by no means an exhausted list and to most nothing that is that new but does at least begin to identify and refresh in our minds potential marketing techniques that can help drive traffic to your site in the Serious Game market.


How Do You Use Yours?

With Easter nearly upon us and the obligatory crème egg adverts filling our TV screens and billboards everywhere, asking us how ‘do you eat yours?’ we thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss (in the context of serious games at least) How Do You Use Yours?

After writing a recent chapter relating to the use of educational games and how they have been used in classrooms across the UK, we got thinking about the many ways that games can be and are being used for training and learning.

Everyday it seems we hear about a new approach where an innovative trainer or teacher has embraced serious games and really made it there own. However, training is often divided into distinct silos, such as classroom, self study, or blended and within these areas it must be clear how a new training application will sit.

So how do serious games fit into all this? Where can they be used?

When designing serious games, one of the first requirements we try to understand is Read more of this post