Pass it on!

This month, PIXELearning will be celebrating our ten year anniversary, and we have the vision of the entrepreneurs who first set up our company to thank for eight people’s happy careers and the contribution that we, as a company and individuals can make to society.

 As a team we’re always keen to do what we can to spread the love!  So we’ve decided to support Global Entrepreneurship Week from the 12th to 18th November and have found this to be more and more serendipitous.

As a country we need more entrepreneurs to lift the economy. Innovation is what we’re great at in the UK (just think of the Olympics opening ceremony!), and we’d like to help inspire budding entrepreneurs to give their ideas a go.

Andrew Devenport, Youth Business International CEO and GEW UK host, called for more people to get involved in the Week, saying:

“Global Entrepreneurship Week is now in its 5th year, and continues to go from strength to strength. In 2012, we want to make the week focused, practical and supportive, to help and inspire those people in the early stages of developing their businesses. We’re looking for as many people as possible to get involved and ‘pass on’ their best advice – whether through hosting an event or joining in the discussion via our social media channels. By working together to make a better environment for enterprise, we can help create businesses that will have a genuine, positive impact on the UK economy – helping generate income and employment for many years to come.”

The entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well in PIXEL. As a small medium enterprise, we often l find ourselves having to morph into whichever role is needed, to constantly imagine, think on our feet and take risks. It’s fun and exciting but not for the feint-hearted, much like the entertainment games industry – which will also be represented at Launch conference, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

In considering our contribution to GEW, we immediately thought of The Business Game. In The Business Game, players set up their own virtual business and trade over a three year cycle. They must react to increasingly complex concepts and external factors as they progress. The result is an exciting, engaging business simulation in which players’ strategic decision making in marketing, production, sales and finance, will determine their profit. The Business Game has been used with great success by over 2000 students each year in an annual enterprise competition run by Mosaic Network, a charity founded by HRH Prince of Wales (another coincidence – GEW is run by Youth Business International, another Prince’s Trust Charity) and proudly supported by entrepreneurs such as James Caan and Mary Nightingale.

At the same time, back in the entertainment games sector, we have followed with interest The Humble Indie Bundle. A collection of games sold at a price determined by the purchaser with the revenue being split between the developers and charities. We have wondered for some time; why is there no Serious Games Bundle?!

This is why we’ve decided to put together five games that fall within the area of Enterprise and knock the price right down until the end of GEW.  Talking of serendipity, we also found that games for learning are able to provide four out of five of the key outcomes of GEW: Enhanced Skills, Knowledge, Resources and  Confidence – because our players can fail safely and replay until they absolutely know they can do it.

To find out more about our bundle offer please click here or contact PIXELearning on


2 Responses to Pass it on!

  1. Congratulations on your 10 years – what a milestone . Well doneTeam Pixel 🙂 !

  2. chopper says:

    Thanks Parul 🙂

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