Quitting Sitting

Today I have taken what I hope to be a critical step to a more healthy work environment; I am quitting sitting! For years I have suffered with a bad back and after my last ‘episode’ I couldn’t sit at all, I had to stand and I must say it really helped! But old habits die hard and after the agony had subsided I returned to my evil temptress of a chair, with all its ergonomic settings! Curse those false idols! But after reading Kirk Hamilton’s account of playing games standing up this reminded me of how great it was to stand! After you overcome all the funny looks you get from your colleagues that is 😉

Anyway this post isn’t anything to do with serious games but it may well be a shift into a healthier office as Vicky Rose may well be joining the standing revolution any day now! We all have to work and more and more research is being published about how sitting is killing us. We’re not designed to be in that position all day, so my trusty xbox 360 box, an acer laptop box, and a box full of cables have become my new standing desk! Hey I said the post wasn’t about serious games, but I had to get some technology in somehow!

I’ll try to post a few updates and perhaps some pics of our Heath Robinson inspired contraptions soon and if you have a home made standing desk why not post your pics too!

Join the standing revolution and quit sitting!



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