E-Virtuoses returns in 2012 May 23rd & 24th.

I have the pleasure of letting you all know about the return of E-Virtuoses, 2012, which will be held in Valenciennes, France. I last attended the conference in 2010 when I co-presented with Jim Rustad, the serious game solution we developed for Comcast University (US) to address communication skills for their call centre agents.

This year I’ll be using ‘Our Worlds of Makrini’, our diversity and inclusion product as a case study to explore how using innovative approaches in instructional design and visualization can increase motivation and change behavior.

E-Virtuoses is one of the main European events dedicated to Serious games organized by the CCI Grand Hainaut , and will showcase demonstrations and exchanges between sponsors, creators, game designers, researchers and scientists.

The 2012 edition offers an ambitious program aimed at:
• Understanding Serious game
• Bringing solutions to the Enterprise
• Choosing the appropriate solution / technology: e-learning / Serious game / Simulation
• Studying the impact of Serious games: added value and efficiency?
• Discovering new trends: gamification…
• Proposing an exchange space between sponsors, studios and researchers

This years conference covers 4 topics and 24 conferences:

• Communication & Marketing : identify a target, communicate internally, promote a product, develop and foster customer loyalty…
• Training & Education : recruit, train, motivate…
• Risk & Crisis Management : anticipate, reducing risks on industrial sites, at the hospital, during transport…
• Evaluate & Measure : tools, methods, efficiency, deployment, localization…

The conference offers a scientific symposium to guide attendees to evaluate and measure the impact of serious games. I am pleased to participate not only as a speaker, but also as a judge of the e-virtuoses 2012 awards which will reward excellence in design across market sectors and the overall industry.


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