Meet the team: Anna Bailey (Graphical Artist)

I have always been interested in art. It’s something I’ve always loved and had passion for. Eventually I came to realise that I could team this up with my interest in games. Throughout college I then focused more the creative side of gaming. This then confirmed what career I wanted to pursue and I enrolled at the University of Huddersfield to pursue my career by doing a course in computer games design. Throughout my time at university I have learnt so much, my knowledge of Photoshop has improved drastically and I have also had the opportunity to work with programmes such as 3Ds Max and After effects. These have all helped me to really improve my knowledge of the games industry and how it works. I have also attended expo’s in various places and intend to visit a lot more.

As part of the games design course we also have the opportunity to work within teams to produce a working game. At the end of the year our game Overtime won the ‘Best game award’. Since then I have worked on different modules within the course and produced some really interesting work.

The computer games design course has the option to do a placement year and through it I came across PIXELearning. Not only does it tackle training and learning through games but it does it in a really intelligent and innovative way. I immediately emailed them showing my interest in doing my placement year with them. To my delight they agreed to take me on as a graphical artist.

Although I have only been with PIXELearning for 6 months I have already learnt so much. I have had a chance to really apply my skills to games within such a great team. I have seen into the industry and my enthusiasm for the serious games industry has grown vastly. I work on many different areas from graphics to animations. I have also done some3D textures and drawn concepts’ for characters and environments. Nowhere else could I have such a diverse and interesting work load. I get to work on various projects and interact with many different clients.

This opportunity has fuelled my passion for the games industry and I’m really looking forward to the rest of my time at PIXELearning.



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