Missed PIXELearning and Intellego’s E-Learning Innovation seminar…?? Don’t panic! Here’s a roundup of events. By Anna Bailey

Having just joined PIXELearning I think it is only appropriate that I introduce myself. I am Anna Bailey and have completed 2 years at The University of Huddersfield studying Computer Games Design and have now gained an internship as a graphical artist here at PIXELearning for a year before completing my course.

With the Elearning market growing by approximately 10% each year*, PIXELearning and Intellego put on an E-learning Innovation seminar at the Coventry University London Campus. This seminar helped to give companies insight into why these games work and how they can benefit them.

 With being new to PIXELearning I was invited down to join the team. Andy Hasoon, CEO of Intellego and Milamber consulting, kicked off with the first presentation of the afternoon. He talked about the situation in the market regarding digital learning. He talked through the dividers within it and how demands are changing. With the market being in its infant stages, it’s hard for people to know its state so this gave a valuable glimpse into current conditions. 

The next presentation was done by Richard Smith, CEO of PIXELearning. His slides helped to explain to the audience the ins and outs of PIXELearning. This gave us a chance to show off some of the demo’s, as well as explain PIXELearning’s very own serious game toolset – Learning Beans.

Jacqueline Cawston then followed with her talk on the Serious Games Institute. She showcased some Innovative games that are currently on the market (such as: Pavlov’s dog-and Global conflict Palestine Educational game). She also explained the Serious Games institutes role in helping to nurture smaller companies and providing key research into the area of serious games.

Next was a look into The impact of serious games and Gamification on E-learning by : Aristidis Protopsaltis, Researcher at The Serious Games Institute. This was a very fascinating exploration into the psychology behind learning within games and gave people a chance to see the logic behind why serious games work. The Cone of learning helped me to see the impact and effectiveness of games as a tool for learning.

The penultimate lecture came from Dawn Weeden who showed serious games from a Subject Matter Expert point of view. Her SME top tips really helped me to understand the ins and outs of how a well thought-out serious game comes together. It also meant others at the seminar could hear from someone who had already been through the experience.

Last but by certainly no means least, was our very own Helen Routledge who is Lead Instructional Designer here at PIXELearning. Her presentation was entitled Why games work. This delved into an understanding of serious games and how they apply to learning. She pointed out the success and failures of previous projects with the psychology to back it all up. All of the points linked together and the amazing visual accompaniment made for a very thought provoking end to the talks.

Feeling as though you’ve missed out..? Just drop PIXELearning an email and we will be more than happy to send these presentation’s over to you. I hope you enjoy them all as much as I did.The presentations can now be found online here


(*source: Information provided by Bersin and Associates)



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