Richard Smith: ”I want to build PIXELearning up to be a truly “Serious” serious games company!”

My background is one of business development and business management. More years than I care to remember has taught me what does and doesn’t work whilst keeping an open mind for new emerging business models in any industry and how they may apply to ours. I personally think some new commercial models based more on the content than the technology will emerge over the next few years. Currently we choose the “delivery technology” rather than the content when making L&D decisions but I can see a time when the content becomes the key decision factor rather than how it is delivered. New technology like hardware such as iPad’s, smartphones, touch screens, Smart TV’s etc and the social networking and graphical applications that run on them will blur further the informal/formal training methods. Decisions will be made about the content and the instructional design that brings that content to life rather than the technology medium that delivers it. Unless you have been on secondment to the planet Makrini recently you must have heard of the “Gamification” initiative that is buzzing around at the moment, whilst I don’t agree with some of the principals behind it I feel it represents the very start of this process IMHO.

As the title suggest I think the time has come when a serious game company can step forward and become a Serious serious game developer. At PIXELearning we are trying to get clients to focus on the fundamentals of learning and apply those to the strengths of good game design. Both of these are more important to a successful project than whether we use 2D or 3D, whether it is a true Virtual World or a flat representation. Think of the most successful games of all time and their game play; the representation of it is simple. It’s the framing of that game play combined with elements of competition etc that engages time and time again.

Becoming part of Intellego Holdings is a major step and major statement of intent along this journey. Intellego is an ambitious elearning organisation building capability to compete with the best in the industry. In PIXELearning, Intellego Holdings now have immersive capability and a track record that their competitors cannot match. In Intellego Holdings, PIXELearning now have the financial stability and depth of resource to realise pent up potential that PIXELearning offers.  It is time now for a serious game developer to “Cross the Chasm” Geoffrey A. Moore styli and to make significant impact and commercial success. PIXELearning WILL be that company.

This is not the first time I have built businesses from incubation upwards and who knows whether it will be the last. But with the quality of team PIXEL outlined on this blog…look out learning world we’re coming…


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