Jiawen Liang, Lead Simulation Developer

Hello everyone, my name’s Jiawen Liang and I have been working now with Pixel since 2003, which I believe makes me one of the oldest employees of the company.  From the start when I first joined pixel with an internship opportunity, I had completed and achieved a bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Business Information Technology at Coventry University.   During that time I developed an internal application using ASP.NET and MS SQL.  In 2004, after the internship, I decided to move a step further with my studies and enrolled at the University of Warwick to study a Masters in Management Science and Operational Research.  This course involved analytical skills, methods and tools needed to address complex organisational situations and enable better decision making leading me to gain an extensive range of new skills and knowledge.

In 2005 I joined Pixel again and immediately started my first project which was to build a game engine called ‘LearningBeans’.  Being part of a team, I worked closely with the game designer and developers interpreting the game requirements and design into logic diagrams, helping developers to gain better understanding of the design work. As an individual I was applying simulation techniques and successfully integrating them into a gaming and education environment, ensuring those game elements were logical and sensible to understand.  During the last few years I have been involved in various areas such as technical support, research & development, project lifestyle & management, system integration and development.  We have worked with many complex designs by clients including KPMG, Raytheon, Global Novations, Coca Cola, 3M, AAT and Pearson to name a few.  Currently I am involved in LMS related activities to provide better learning service for our clients.

My other duty in Pixel is to ensure that its system and data is safely stored regularly and retrieved if required. Previously working for National Grid as a business continuity analyst during my placement year at Coventry University, I was responsible for producing and maintaining business continuity plan, carrying out risk assessments and analysis, producing technical diagrams for each application.  The experience has been brought forward to Pixel to ensure that it continues its normal business activities irrespective of unexpected events occurring.

Trying new things and consistently learning makes me very passionate about all things I get involved with.  My ability to overcome disappointments has made me a focused individual that will undoubtedly lead me to become a powerful tool within a business.

Outside of work I continue to enjoy playing badminton, fencing and football.  During my early years I have always been involved in lots of sport activities.  At the age of six I started training in Kung Fu which I carried on for 6 years.  In addition I trained as a semi professional in target shooting for 4 years.  At this moment of time, my main sport is Badminton and I hold the level of Senior County.

My origin is from China and I speak both Mandarin and Cantonese by native language.  In the future I’m hoping I will be able to utilise my language skills to communicate between Chinese provinces and the United Kingdom in the education and serious game field.


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