PIXEL’s Biz Sims win “Best in Tech” Award from Scholastic Administr@tor Magazine

PIXELearnings Business Simulations have received the 2011 “Best in Tech” Award from Scholastic Administr@tor Magazine. Our US based partner Realityworks, Inc entered the products into the prestigious competition earlier this year. The RealCareer Business Education Simulations reinforce classroom lessons with hands-on experience in
running a business.

The national awards were presented at the 2011 International Society for Technology Education (ISTE)
conference in Philadelphia on June 28. Scholastic Administr@tor selected the “Best in Tech” winners based on information from educators who have used the new technology, as well as editorial interviews. Ruthie Bass of North Shore Senior High School in Houston, TX provided information on the RealCareer Business Education Simulations used in
her classroom.

RealCareer Business Education Simulations software applies key business concepts to serious gaming
technology. The simulations consist of three online games – Business Management, Entrepreneurship
and Business Finance. Throughout the simulations students create their own company, select a product
to market and sell, interact with virtual co-workers and test their business acumen. In as little as a 45-
minute class period, players work through a multi-year simulation of their business.

“It is an honor to be recognized by Scholastic Administrator magazine for our RealCareer Business
Education Simulations software.” Providing experiential learning solutions is our mission. This honor reinforces the importance of hands-on learning and technology for the classroom.” Timmothy Boettcher, president of Realityworks.

RealCareer Business Education Simulations and teacher guides are aligned to National Business
Education Association standards and curriculum topics in the US.

For more information on RealCareer Business Education Simulations from Realityworks, visit
http://www.realityworks.com/businesssimulations/index.asp, call 1-800-830-1416 or email


If you would like to hear about the UK version of the business simulations please visit our website, call 024 7623 6971, or email info@pixelearning.com.




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