PIXELearning team up with Keith Saunt, F1 veteran and COO at Team Lotus

PIXELearning have teamed up with Keith Saunt, F1 veteran and Chief Operating Officer at Team Lotus, as subject matter expert to create an F1 Serious Game on Teamwork and other key management skills.

With the global popularity of  F1 motor racing and with new audiences being built as the Championship touches more and more countries, the sport has become the ideal backdrop for game-based learning techniques in the 21st Century.

With a plethora of “Fantasy” type F1 games available across the internet and many more administered by newspapers and media sites alike, the appeal of this spectacle… is well proven and offers the perfect opportunity to create a suite of serious games that can provide innovative training solutions that will be embraced and utilised by all types of businesses around the world.

Motor sport is expanding into new territories and audiences continue to grow on a yearly basis with China recently being added to the race calendar with India in 2011 and the USA soon to follow with a new venue in Texas.  Hong Kong, Mexico and Argentina have also recently expressed interest in hosting a round of the F1 Championship in years to come which highlights the potential reach of a serious game built from within a virtual world of F1.

The USP for the F1 Serious Game training product suite is that it takes place within a virtual F1 World and those receiving training do so whilst being immersed in this high-profile, high octane environment. In short we’re making project management sexy!

Andy Hasoon, IHP’s new Director of Corporate Strategy said, “Teaming up with successful world class executives such as Keith to bring their subject matter expertise to life through Serious Games is part of our strategy. Already our team is working on a trailer that we will release shortly to give you a sense of Keith’s Vision for the game being developed.”

Keith Saunt said, “I am extremely excited to have been asked to bring together my 23 years of F1 experience for such an innovative and appealing purpose.  My passion for mentoring and a lifelong interest in how systems, processes and more importantly people can be brought together to deliver the very best results in dynamic environments are a perfect match for these new, engaging learning technologies. I am really looking forward to playing my part in bringing knowledge and education to a virtual world based on the sport that I love.”

For more news, updates and to see the trailer when it’s released watch this space!


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