Can students predict technology advances?

Doing some research into a completely different area I came across an interesting phrase which I put into Google: ‘can students predict technology advances’

A successful search found that yes they certainly can predict advancements in technology…and some of it has already been proven; but how can this be possible – is it down to their open approach to the world, seeing everything without complication or are they pure geniuses?

Students are using technology in many different ways and this technology is so varied that their minds do wonder into the world of endless possibilities– what if my console could do this? Won’t it be awesome if I could learn math’s using this technology?

As students are being taught through various media’s now and curriculum is beginning to entice use of technology for learning we don’t want to see students lose the ability to learn effectively however with them using games and technology on a day to day basis we need their input into what can be effective to their learning

The excellent example is a blog from Spark. It is targeted at the first generation of ‘digital natives’ aged between 5-12 years old across Africa and Chile.

What the research found was that 77% of the students created an idea that required more intuitive and dynamic responses, such as robots and virtual companions…which is something that is certainly on its way, if not already exists somewhere, particularly if you think along the lines of avatars. If you are interested in reading the study the post can be found here

I recently read the IDATE report 2010 which focuses on serious games and learning technologies. This predicted some advancement in technology inclusive of areas that need exploring in order to meet with the growing expectations of users. One thing that stood out to me was this: gesture recognition software is what serious games aren’t doing at the moment.  Ironically gesture, emotion and recognition technologies were part of a prediction from school children about future technology advancements…guess what PIXEL’s plan’s are now 🙂


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