Student review of The Business

By Sydney Stringer Academy student Abdul Nasser-Keer

My first look at an educational computer game that I actually wanted to learn from….

The Business Game is what PIXELearning call a serious game that is used by students the same age as me starting the IT Diploma. It also says that it can be used by students doing GCSE Business and I think even those outside of school would use it as well as it gives you an understanding of running your own business, marketing and the finance side of things in the real world even though you are playing through a computer. It gives the first hand experience that you couldn’t get without going to work.

…in my opinion

The Business game builds motivation and confidence inside him/her for example to encourage them to make important choices like selecting the product and the price for it and what channel you will sell it in. Starting the game I was put in the feet of businessman/women where it gives you an idea of how businesses work, what sort of documents they use regularly, e.g. cash flow, balance sheet and many more.

Although I think the game could be updated with newer products to choose from a good thing that I found is that it is highly addictive game. I have never played a business game like this before and found that I kept going bankrupt so wanted to make money and win a new car not a real one of course. To make it more interesting I think more products and more features could be added like instead of only selling there could be buying too. That would give it more options and students and young adults will experience buying and selling which is what business is all about because it gives them a firsthand experience.

Another thing in my opinion that can be changed is the introduction when you log in there is the introduction which we think is very long however it does have an option to ‘Skip’ the introduction if you want to but I think it is helpful for the first time but they can maybe have one that is a little shorter.

In my opinion this is really exciting and compared to what we have at my school for teaching business it is something I would like my teachers to get us to learn new things and practice business in.  We think this game would be great for kids whether they want to do business courses in future or if they just want to start a business.

I am doing business at school and have only used small games on the internet so have some knowledge about them but this game doesn’t look to scary to use. It has realistic office images and it also guides you with almost each step so even if you don’t know much about business you can start to find out more about business.


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