Crossroads: Our Concluding Thoughts

We called this series crossroads as that’s where we see L&D in 2011. Budgets are being squeezed, unemployment is soaring, yet technology (which may come at a cost) is becoming increasingly homogenous with the way we live and work and one day soon, learn. There is no getting away from it; the barrier between technology and our lives is very very thin. We stand at a point where most L&D professionals have to choose how to use their budget; integrate technology, welcome the adaptations, use a new way of learning, or to retreat back to where it is safe and deliver the traditional learning methods we have used for years, despite increasing learner dissatisfaction.

At PIXELearning we see examples every week of learners who are engaging with learning, who voluntarily repeat the ‘lessons’ to see if they can beat their score, who come alive when they are given the opportunity to participate in learning activities that are designed for their generation. Even the baby boomers are intrigued, immersed and often end the training with positive feelings but need to rest up and reflect as they didn’t realize/forgot how cognitively demanding immersive learning can be.

Obviously our opinion is that serious games work and in the main will benefit most businesses. However we are not the ones controlling the budgets. The aim of this series was to showcase some of the bleeding edge work commissioned by some of our clients such as Comcast, KPMG and Global Novations, and to highlight how young people are using games to shape the way they learn and their careers. We strongly believe we as an industry need to talk more about how serious games are being used.

And we would love to hear from you on your experiences.  Has your school or organization used serious games before? Do you see the potential? Or are they just a waste of time in your eyes? Let us know what you think and join the debate!

As a follow up to Crossroads PIXELearning will be interviewing a range of individuals from CEO’s, L&D leaders, Instructional Designers, e-learning experts, commercial game and social game designers to share their thoughts on the serious games market as a whole.

Stay tuned!


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