Using Commercial Games in Schools

Dawn Hallybone, Senior Teacher, Oakdale Primary presents her work where she has integrated gaming and commercial video game technology within her teaching practice which is shared amongst other practitioners through a network of schools. Dawn presents evidence of how the use of gaming technology is motivating learners and improving outcomes. Learning Without Frontiers, London 2011.

One of the most striking points is the attendance level of some pupils and how they changed once they started to use Games Based Learning, once they were engaged. We need more stories like this and I look forward to hearing about the continuing trials Dawn talks about.

Also great to hear that it’s not all new games being used! Myst is still making a big impact! Just goes to show that it’s not all about the flashy graphics and PS3’s for today’s youth.

I’m having trouble embedding the video – but the video can be found if you follow the link below:

And, go-karting around the playground as an end of project activity? Makes me want to go back to school! 😉


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