Makrini™ needs your vote

Voting at Learning without Frontiers has now opened and we invite you all to vote…. (for Makrini of course).

Here at PIXELearning you may be under the impression that we are constantly talking about Makrini™ and you might be right. A product developed for Global Novations, a US provider of Diversity and Inclusion, Marketing and Talent optimization services, Makrini™ is a breakthrough approach to diversity and inclusion training, being the first-ever gaming simulation on the topic.

Being the first of its kind the species of Makrini™ are wanting to get noticed, hence its entry for Innovation Award at Learning without Frontiers.  For information about voting please see below.

Aimed at a wide corporate audience the simulation tasks the learner with a mission to a commercial space station where diversity and inclusion skills must be applied to interact productively with intergalactic associates, and to attain better business results than competitors.

It’s a learning simulation of self discovery based on the learners own preferences, decisions, critical thinking, opinions and beliefs.

The key learning objectives of Makrini™ are:

  • Increase personal diversity awareness and inclusive behaviors.
  • Increase understanding of the business impact of diversity
  • Recognize one’s own perceptions and biases that may limit inclusive behaviors
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to build solid business relationships across dimensions of diversity.


There are two ways to vote for Makrini™.

For the UK: Using the code [MAKRINI] cast your votes via SMS or Skype SMS* to 07950 080 667

For the USA: Using the code [MAKRINI] cast your votes via SMS or Skype SMS* to +44 7950 080 667

Multiple votes from the same number for the same finalist will count as a single vote, so no funny business ok?

*Votes are charged at your standard network rate and votes the UK may attract an additional network charge. To make it fair each mobile vote from outside of the UK will count as 2 votes. If you’re outside the UK you may find it’s cheaper to use Skype.


INNOVATIONS : Worlds of Makrini, Global Novations, USA [MAKRINI]


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Chopper….or Helen Axe when she’s not at work holds a BA (Hons) in Communication Culture and Media from Coventry University. Leaving uni I discovered I had an interest in capturing memories through photos. If you would like any of the pictures - putting them onto canvas is an option.

2 Responses to Makrini™ needs your vote

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  2. Helen says:

    A huge thanks to everyone who voted for Markrini in the awards! Unfortunately we didn’t win this time, but to be short-listed was an achievement in itself 🙂

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