Project Management Training: A new approach by Spencer Holmes

Good training as we all know can sometimes be hard to come by. That’s why when you do find an excellent trainer you want to hold on and really utilize their experience, knowledge  and skills. That is exactly what PIXELearning have done.

Spencer Holmes, MD of Global Project Leaders Ltd,  was approached as a subject matter expert by us so we could extract all the awesome supply chain management knowledge he had for a serious game we are creating. As a world class trainer Spencer has vast experience in many areas of training not to mention Project Management which has led to this particular blog post. With the help Spencer has given us we wanted to do something in return. Therefore we would like to share with you the first in an 7 part series of his Project Management Training: A New Approach article on Training Zone. You will find the link here. Registration is needed  to view the whole article (its free – you know you want to – the article certainly deserves a PIXEL Hi-5!)


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