Serious Games in Education

A recent press release by TIGA identifying a need for games in education has got PIXELearning wondering about their games in education.

Our most popular serious games in education are:

  • The Business Game has and is being used by numerous schools for business education. A one year license has seen one individual school using The Business Game over 400 hits. With other schools gaining around 200 hits per year.
  • The Mosaic Enterprise Challenge has seen over 50 teams work through the business game with many gaining knowledge and further understanding of business and its concepts.
  • Our partners Realityworks have launched a Business Education Suite covering Business, Enterprise and Finance which is starting to take hold amongst American schools.  Only launched last month we already have more than a dozen schools working through the simulations which come supplied with suggested pre and post simulation activities.

PIXELearning are always looking at ways to improve and update our serious games and with ideas in motion we will be looking at upgrading the products soon. In the mean time if you have immersed yourself in any of our off the shelf products we would love to hear your feedback.

The TIGA press release follows:

Harness video games to promote education and learning, says TIGA

TIGA said today that the UK Coalition Government should take steps to encourage the development of video games which promote education and learning. TIGA made the comments following President Barack Obama’s announcement of the National STEM Video Game Challenge, which offers prizes to game developers who help to foster education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths.

There are two competitions: middle school students may compete for the Youth Prize by designing original videogames, and “emerging and experienced game developers” may compete for the Developer Prize by designing games that emphasize education.

Dr Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO, said:

“It is wonderful to see the American President recognise the enormous potential for video games to encourage education and learning. In the UK, a fifth of game developers already develop serious or educational games, including Blitz Games, Caspian, Digital 2.0, PIXELearning, and PlayGen. Additionally, organisations such as Learning without Frontiers do tremendous work in bringing developers and educators together, as well as highlighting the role of video games in learning.

“We need to develop this potential. TIGA will encourage the UK Coalition Government and other policy makers to examine ways of harnessing the power of video games to promote education and learning. TIGA will work with UK Parliamentarians to increase their understanding of the potential for educational and serious games to promote learning and training.”


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