PIXELearning works with European partners to deliver Energy Awareness

Energywise – Energy awareness delivered through online courses and Serious Game

As part of the LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of innovation project the UK team (PIXELearning and Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce) have teamed up with partners from Bulgaria (Virtech), Italy (Democentre Sipe), Romania (Camera de Comerţ Şi Industrie Prahova), Spain (Aliter) and Sweden (företagarna) to deliver a unique learning package aimed at SME organisations across Europe.

EnergyWise is a project aimed at being a valuable source of information for small and medium business owners to visit. It will hold vital resources based on reducing energy consumption in your business, advice on monitoring and measuring energy, proposed devices and processes that can be put in place and much more. All these resources are available freely to anyone who visits the site.

All partners have worked together to bring their knowledge to the forefront enabling it to appeal to a mass market. Information will be available through a series of online courses as well as a serious game.

The content and serious game will be translated into the partner languages and will be available from 2011. Look out for it!



About Chopper
Chopper….or Helen Axe when she’s not at work holds a BA (Hons) in Communication Culture and Media from Coventry University. Leaving uni I discovered I had an interest in capturing memories through photos. If you would like any of the pictures - putting them onto canvas is an option.

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