Bundle Offer that could save YOU thousands

Serious Games enable learning in a truly innovative style. Through immersing learners in a real to life environment new skills can be learnt, old ones enhanced, strategic thinking achieved, improvement of confidence and the development of transferable skills. (All this from 1-2hrs of play..wow)

Here at PIXELearning, we want to provide you with every opportunity to enjoy what you are learning and be able to afford what you would like to learn.

We may be too late for the January sales and too early for the spring sales so we are having a Pre Spring Offer’ on 3 of our games

For a bundle price of only £1200 (per year +VAT) you can receive an annual license to 3 of our serious games:

The Business GameGame Cycle

Introducing learners to general business concepts   (e.g. Marketing and Finance). This game can be used as a basic introduction into business or for GCSE Business courses and the IT Diploma.

The Enterprise Game

Designed to familiarize learners with a Marketing Officemore in-depth understanding of business concepts,  making learners aware of how different business silo’s affect each other as well as overall commercial success. Previously £2,500 pa

The Finance Game

Aimed at enhancing existing finance training, be that classroomOffice or eLearning-based. Learners ‘run’ a virtual mountain bike company which is in need of saving. Learners will gain valuable insight into key financial concepts such as ‘P&L’ and ‘ROCE’. Previously £2,500 pa

This represents a massive £4,300 saving against the standard list price for all three products.

Alternatively our games are available to purchase individually for £499 per year +VAT

Reasonable usage limits of 1,000 usages per game per customer apply.

To Order please contact us via Tel: +44 (0) 2476 236 971 or Email: sales@pixelearning.com


About Chopper
Chopper….or Helen Axe when she’s not at work holds a BA (Hons) in Communication Culture and Media from Coventry University. Leaving uni I discovered I had an interest in capturing memories through photos. If you would like any of the pictures - putting them onto canvas is an option.

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