The Enterprise Challenge 2010 is coming to a close

Students across England have been given the opportunity over the past month to take part in an exciting educational experience aimed at improving communication and re-igniting students’ enjoyment of learning.

750 students across 30 schools are participating in ‘The Enterprise Challenge’. Working towards a more integrated and thriving society the Mosaic Network organised the challenge aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and a sense of achievement amongst students attending schools located in areas of extreme deprivation.

‘The Enterprise Challenge’ uses PIXELearning’s Enterprise Game to enhance business and enterprise understanding and encourages students to learn aspects of running a ‘virtual’ business. By applying what they have learnt in class to their business they get the opportunity to practice key business issues such as marketing, sales, finance and production.

Divided into numerous teams representing their school, students enter the simulation and select a product to take to market. This product requires variables to be set such as marketing budget and product quality before ‘virtually’ trading.

The challenge takes place over the course of a month where students compete in four heats playing for a different variable each time (i.e. market share and cash flow). The fifth and final heat is for the top 5 teams to compete against each other for the best net profit.

The winners will be announced on the 9th March during the live final held at Lovells offices in London where the final teams will compete for ultimate glory.

To read more about The Enterprise Challenge past and present click here.


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